After understanding the core principles of Scrum and Scrum Masters in our previous articles, Let us guide you about the most popular and in-demand Scrum Master Certifications which can get you up and running in the field of Agile Development and Project management. With the latest survey reports, it is obvious that these training and certifications prove fruitful in getting a key role in the field of Project management using the Scrum Framework. According to the survey the Individuals with Scrum certifications tend to get a higher growth rate in salary in the past years, and also the certified trainers get a nearly double chance in the job listings. Enough talking let’s dive straight into the what’s and if’s of the Scrum Master Certifications.

What are the Scrum Master Certifications?

Project Management Institute PMI® offers Multiple Agile Scrum Master Certifications which highly increase the scope of the Scrum Master’s productivity and directive. It helps equip the concepts to lead the Agile teams and processes. There are 2 Core Certifications we will cover in this article.

  1. DASM® or Disciplined Agile Scrum Master Certification
  2. DASSM® or Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master Certification

Before exploring the core values of these Certifications let us first understand what is the meaning of the term “Disciplined Agile”.

What do we mean by Disciplined Agile?

In 2012, Disciplined Agile was first introduced as the comprehensive toolkit for developing people-centric methods. From the book Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD), Disciplined Agile also referred to as DA is an Agile Framework in which the decisions of the processes are identified. Disciplined Agile works on the people-centric approach, i.e. it puts individuals first and offers only lightweight recommendations to help teams optimize their processes according to the unique needs of each specific project. This process-decision toolkit was developed to help teams streamline their internal processes and to achieve business agility and boost commercial success. The Disciplined Agile framework works alongside other agile frameworks like XP, Scrum and also shares a lot of similarities with these methodologies. Many certifications focus on the DA Framework model, This takes us to two of the most useful and efficient certifications which use the DA process toolkit.

1: Disciplined Agile Scrum Master

DASM Certification is one of the most efficient certifications which ensures the career of any individual in the Agile Processes World.

It is the starting point of Disciplined Agile Framework, Anyone who is interested in beginning their Agile journey by exploring its various approaches and strategies like Scrum, Agile Modeling, Extreme Programming, Kanban, and Agile Data considers this certification as a building block. The whole Process Lifecycle is explored in the DASM Certification along with the Disciplined Agile (DA) toolkit. It helps to understand Disciplined Agile in detail, its purpose, and what you can achieve with the Disciplined Agile Toolkit. The DASM course also highlights how to enhance your “Way of Working” or WoW, and confirms with a great case study on how to apply the learnings in your tasks, projects, and organizations. DASM is focused on topics like Agile-Scrum, Lean, Disciplined Agile and its various case studies and exercises, by demonstrating the WoW (Way of Working) principle. Individuals with no expertise in DA or PM can also apply DASM experience in less complex situations in their projects.

2: Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master Certification

DASSM or Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master is the certification that aims to tackle more complex situations. Anyone who wants to adopt Agile Mindset, scale any Agile or lean-agile approach using the Disciplined Agile tool kit is more likely to choose DASSM Certification. DASSM helps in choosing their way of working (WoW) and enhances their skills to lead high-profile enterprises that are crucial to organizational success. A lot of planning, metrics, reporting, and team development skills are explored in this course, which can be effectively used in more complex practical projects.


DASM is more of a simpler certification as compared to the DASSM. As the title suggests DASSM are Senior Scrum Masters who would be working with more complex situations with other operational heads and higher management.

  • In DASM the role is to lead the Team primarily while DASSM teaches the interaction process at different hierarchy levels in an enterprise.
  • DASM is more focused on a specific team while DASSM explores coordination with other Teams and their team leaders.
  • DASSM requires a better idea and experience with the DA toolkit and other Scrum processes in order to execute the tasks quickly and efficiently.


Scrum master certifications are getting in demand with time as they tend to increase the working efficiency and process quality in various projects. These Certifications are offered by the PMI and help in achieving success in the Project Management career and Agile. We have the complete set of courses and training available for Scrum Master certification which provides a complete walkthrough and is used to ace the DASM and DASSM exams. Make sure to check out those before starting the journey of becoming a Scrum Master!


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