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This course offers a condensed version of the PMI-ACP certification curriculum, focusing on core concepts within Agile practices. It provides concise summaries of key subject areas, ensuring learners gain a solid understanding of Agile methodologies without delving into excessive detail.

Catering to diverse learning preferences, this program suits beginners, individuals seeking supplementary material alongside live classes, or those looking to refresh their Agile skills. With its clear and focused approach, it serves as a valuable stepping stone for anyone embarking on or advancing in their Agile journey.

Who is this course for?

Professionals seeking to elevate their expertise in Agile practices

  • Product Managers/ Product owners
  • Cross Functional team members (Engineers, Developers, Testers and QA)
  • Executives and Departmental Heads
  • Scrum Masters/ Agile Coaches
  • Telecom and IT Managers 
  • Architects and Business Analysts 
  • Researchers and Lecturers


PDUs and Contact Hours

Earn 21 PDUs & Contact Hours


Course Access:

  • 24/7 web-based access to all course materials.
  • Closed captions included for enhanced learning.

10 Lessons

with structured modules

21h 00m

Total Length


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PMI-ACP Self-Paced Course

$349 NZD   $299 NZD + GST

What’s Included in the Course

Watch 21 hours of video-based lessons

Acquire the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques needed to learn about Agile Ways of Working

Understand the PMI-ACP Exam Content Outline (ECO)

This course provides a detailed explanation of the latest PMI-ACP Exam Content Outline, including Domains and Tasks.

Stay update with PM Body Of Knowledge

Achieve a deep conceptual understanding of the latest PMBOK® Guide.

Get Certificate of 21 Contact Hours & PDUs

Get a Certificate of Completion for 21 Contact hours  to satisfy the PMI® requirement for PMI-ACP Exam Eligibility

Best Learning Resources for PMI-ACP Exam Prep

The course includes class handouts, student learning materials, PMI-ACP Exam Prep tips and tricks, a study roadmap, and flashcards.

Free Invitation to PMI-ACP Study Group

Join our PMI-ACP  Study Group for free to prepare for the certification with other aspirants.

Real Practice Questions

This course includes Real Practice Questions to prepare your PMI-ACP Certification exam with confidence

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Continue your PMI-ACP  Exam Preparation at your own pace through our learning portal. Feel free to revisit past lessons, download learning resources and practice near to real exam questions

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Access our free mobile app to watch lessons, read learning resources, and practice exam questions on the go.

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$349 NZD   $299 NZD + GST

Course Outline

PM Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) Version 7

1. The standard for project management

  • The standard covers System for value delivery and 12 project management principles as described by PMI®

2. A Guide to PM Body of Knowledge

  • Project Management performance Domains: This topic covers 08 project management performance domains: Stakeholder, Team, Development Approach and Lifecycle, Planning, Project Work Delivery, Measurement and Uncertainty.
  • Tailoring considerations: overview, what, when, why and how to do tailoring
  • Models, Methods and artifacts
PMI-ACP Certification and Exam

1. PMI-ACP Exam Prep Course Introduction

2. PMI-ACP Examination Content Outline (ECO)- An in-depth analysis

3. Tips and tricks to pass the PMI-ACP exam in the first attempt)

4. PMI® code of ethics and professional conduct

Agile Principles and Mind-set

1. Agile Manifesto

2. Agile Values and principles

3. Scrum


5. FDD

6. Crystal methods


8. Servant leadership

Value-driven Delivery

1. Business Value

2. Earned Value management in Agile.

3. Managing Risks

4. Value prioritization

5. Prioritization Techniques (Moscow, Buy a feature and more)

6. Lean Principles

7. Minimum viable product (MVP)

8. Lean Agile procurement and Agile contracts

Stakeholder Engagement

1. Stakeholder stewardship

2. Shared vision

3. Agile Modeling (Wireframes, Personas and planning techniques)

4. Communications in Agile

5. Collaboration games

6. Emotional Intelligence

7. Interpersonal skills (Negotiation, conflict resolution, problem solving, active listening)

Team Performance

1. Agile teams and roles and responsibilities

2. Building agile teams

3. Generalizing specialists

4. Shu Ha Ri & Tuckman model

5. Team Structures

6. Colocation (Common and Caves)

7. Communications

8. Team performance monitoring (Burndown and Burnup charts, velocity and CFD)

Adaptive Planning

1. Agile vs non agile planning

2. Release and iteration planning

3. Adaptive delivery

4. Value based analysis and prioritization

5. Requirement gathering modeling and decomposition.

6. Sizing and estimating

7. Epics, Capabilities, MVP, MBI, user   stories and tasks

8. Planning poker, T Shirt size, story maps and relative sizing

Problem Detection and Resolution

1. Understanding problems

2. Cost of change

3. Open and transparent communication

4. Involving teams

5. Success and failure patterns

6. Analysis techniques

7. WIP, Throughput, Lead, and cycle times

8. Risk adjusted backlogs. 

Continuous Improvement (Product, Process, People)

1. Kaizen approach

2. Onion Diagramming method

3. Improving Processes

4. System Thinking

5. Patterns and anti-patterns

6. Value stream mapping

7. Pre-Mortem Approach

8. Improving Products

9. Retrospectives (Stages, Tools, and techniques)

10. Team Self-assessment


Embark on your Agile journey with our PMI-ACP Self-Paced Course. Enroll Now!

What's PMTS Aspirants Say

"I am impressed with the knowledge and skills Faiz has that go beyond his substantial knowledge of engineering and project management. He has a strong understanding of what is required for a private vocational institution to operate successfully and meet all the quality requirements of the regulatory bodies"

Paul Binney

Educational Consultant & Advisor

"I had the pleasure of attending a PMP course at PM Training School. I want to thank PMTS Instructor for being a great instructor and for having developed the course so well that it helps me to better understand project management. Faiz has a deep knowledge of the course, while his way of teaching always involved students during the lectures."

Muhammad Asif

Logistics and Warehouse Assistant, SKYCITY Entertainment Group

"Four Days Training On Weekends Helped Me To Go Through All PMP Concepts, And I Am Getting Read For The Exam Now. Thanks"

Nitin Sahare

Project Manager, Auckland Airport

"I liked the fact about PMTS training that this was not about "How to Pass the PMI-ACP exam but how to run Agile Projects. Thank you"

Ashleigh Waters

Consulting Project Manager, Foodstuffs

"I've been in a PMP training course conducted by PMTS Instructor and I must say that he is very hard working and determined. The techniques he uses to explain and keep you connected throughout the session are commendable. Course material provided are quite thorough and detailed."

Abdullah Bhatti

Civil Engineer, Beca

"PMTS Instructor led the project with excellent project management, strategic, business and leadership skills. He also had good handle on digital marketing ecosystem including SEO, SEM, Email, Inbound, Affiliated and social media marketing. His analytical skills using google analytics and other tools were fantastic."

Tahir Mehmood

Digital transformation leader

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a self-paced course?

A self-paced course is a type of online learning format where participants have the flexibility to study and progress through the course materials at their own preferred speed and schedule.

How do self-paced courses work?

Self-paced courses let you learn on your schedule! You get all materials upfront and work through them at your own pace, with deadlines (sometimes) to keep you on track. Great for flexibility, but requires self-discipline!

Is this course eligible for PMI-ACP Exam?

Yes, this course is  for PMI-ACP Exam Prep  and you will get 21 contact hours required for exam eligibility by PMI Premier Partner.

How long can I access the course?

You have three options for subscription durations:

  1. 90-Days Accelerator
  2. 180-Days (Most Popular)
  3. 365-Days (Year-Round)

Can I access the course materials from any device?

Yes. Please contact   for details

Are there any group discounts available?

Yes, we offer special group discounts for organizations enrolling multiple participants in the PMI-ACP Self-Paced Course. Please contact  for details

What are the advantages of taking a self-paced course?

You can be a certified project manager if you complete a necessary certification such as CAPM (certified associate in project management) or advanced certification, called Project Management Professional (PMP)  by PMI. There are some other certifications available around the globe, such as PRINCE 2.

What is the price of PMI-ACP Self-Paced Course?

Is there a support system available if I have questions during the course?

Yes, you’ll be invited to our WhatsApp Study Group upon course registration. For additional support, you can also contact us at

How do I access the course after payment?

Once payment is processed, you’ll get an email with login credentials for learning portal access. You’ll also join our WhatsApp group for updates. 

Can I see a demo of the course?

Certainly, you can view the course demo by clicking here

Is the course available in all countries?

Yes, it is available globally

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Easily fit our flexible, self-paced course into your busy schedule

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