Scrum is one of the most popular and in-demand Frameworks for any project in today’s world. Not just because of its flexibility but also because of its working cycle. To execute the Iterative working cycle of the Scrum framework also known as the Sprints, Scrum masters play a vital role in maintaining the Agile nature of the Project while using the Scrum Framework. There are many types of Scrum Masters Certifications available, But let us first understand, What are Scrum Masters and the purpose of the Scrum Master in any project.


What is a Scrum Master?

A Certified Individual who is responsible to lead the Agile Project team using the Scrum project framework is called a Scrum Master. Scrum Masters can also be considered as the Coaches or Organizers of the Scrum Framework, They are responsible for the working discipline of the Agile Project Teams and their objectives. A Scrum Master leads the teams till the Project Completion and provides clear guidance to follow the Scrum Framework. A scrum master ensures that Agile methodology is followed and each Sprint is correctly implemented.


What does A Scrum Master do in Project Life-cycle?

There are many responsibilities of a Scrum Master to ensure the project is heading in the right direction. These are some of the duties a Scrum master performs:

  • Guides team members about the Scrum principles and Tasks.
  • Organizing daily meetings or Standups to review and demonstrate the Sprint achievements.
  • Notice spots for progress and effort objectives for future sprints.
  • Interact with the stakeholders and Team members Individually as needed.
  • Facilitates Open discussion and conflict resolution.
  • Works as the Admin in major Scrum tools and techniques and keeps them updated.
  • Ensures that all Scrum events take place and are positive, productive, and kept within the timebox.
  • They also help the team by providing the required support by eliminating external blockages and maintaining the Project up and running.


Scrum Master vs Project Managers:

You might be wondering to figure out the key differences between a Scrum Master and a Project Manager? Both the Project Managers and Scrum Masters can be considered as the Main counterpart to lead a Project but the main difference is in the approaches they both follow, Well here are some of the facts which differentiate the Scrum masters from Project Managers.

  • Project Managers are focused to complete the project within the time limit and resources, While Scrum masters mainly focus on the teamwork and Project execution Framework.
  • Project Managers are more result centric and follow a traditional follow-up approach, While the Scrum master is more process-centric and tends to help the team to enhance and streamline the tasks.

Are Scrum Masters really needed?

Since the rise in demand for the Scrum framework, The Scrum masters are gaining their importance in the world of Project Management.

In the past, many companies choose not to hire a dedicated Scrum master for their projects to minimize their expense, But the Scrum framework is an Agile development process, it needs an expert to organize and provide the scrum guideline for every iteration or Sprint.

Hiring a Scrum master drastically improves the Processes and their outcomes. Scrum masters can implement the best Scrum practices and Agile engineering processes.



A Scrum Master is a coach that trains the team, looks after its members to keep their best interests, and is also considered as a team member to ensure the right Methodology is performed throughout the Project Lifecycle. There are several Scrum master certifications to ace the field of Agile Development and the Scrum framework. To learn more about Scrum master do check out Professional Scrum master certifications which are considered as the key to becoming a Successful Scrum Master.


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