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You must agree with the following privacy policy if you want to use PM Training School (PMTS) website (

Personal Information(PI)- Policy

Any of your information collected by using this website will not be used by us until both parties are not agreed. PMTS will not offer you products or services until your request for that. PMTS ensures that it is compliant to the provisions of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 (UEMA) and will use and gather information as per the UEMA 2007 and Privacy Act 1993. PMTS confirms that it will not  share, sell, distribute, or provide your PI to any other  agency, organization, or individual except if it is required legally or consented by you. If the collected information is used for statistical pruposes then it will use it anonymously. We adhere Human Rights 1993 Act and not gather any sensitive information of you, such as sex, ethics, politics, and religion, married status, etc except when it is legally required. Only authorized persons of PM Training School will access your PI.

Personal Information- Access Policy

You have a right to enquire about your PI, and it will be provided to you until there are is rational to deny.  You can also ask to change inaccurate information. You can also request to unsubscribe you from mailing lists, where you were added by your consent. Please ask for the above with proper identity through our email address

Other Information

PMTS records general information including date and time and URL of the web page you landed) through PMTS web servers.

The above information is gathered by all and the webserver and services to enhance their functionality, Quality of Service, and performance We track and evaluate anonymous traffic to enhance QoS.

Our servers provide the following information when you visit our website:

  • TheIP address of your server. IP is a numeric value that is specific for the machine (PC, tablet, and mobile) through which you are connected to the internet
  • Information about the browser and OS  type you are using to visit our site.
  • The name of the previous site through which you landed at our site.

All of the above information does not identify any person including you. This information is collected by PM Training school for statistical analysis (trend etc.). This information is never disclosed unless we have to for the reasons given above.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

PMTS website may have links to third-party sites that we do not operate or control that are not operated or controlled by us. Please note that PM Training School and its subsidiaries are not accountable and responsible for the security, confidentiality and privacy practices of other third-party sites, hence not covered under this policy. They should have their policies, and you are encouraged to read them.

Please note that website operated by PM Training School is, is covered by this Policy. The rest of all other websites are third party. If a company advertises on our page then they may gather your personal information once you click their provided advertisement link using web bugs or cookies.  PMTS emphasizes that it is out of our control. Feel free to contact other advertising site owners directly if you have any queries about your PI.

Policy Changes

We may change or revise our Policy any time. Changes will be active straight away once they are posted here. It is highly recommended that you review this page for the updated information on privacy policies at PM Training School.

Please feel free to ask if you have questions about our privacy policy or anything else, through email address

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