The purpose of this page is to:

  • Specify the policy, procedures and forms to define the process for customer remediation including communication path for complaint follow up/response.
  • The complaint is a written statement of dissatisfaction submitted by a student about the services (course, Instructor or learning resources) offered by the school or the actions or behaviour of a staff member.
  • All complaint correspondence should include the applicant’s name, address contact details and student number. No action will be taken on anonymous or malicious complaints.
Policy and Complaint Procedure
Actively resolve customer complaints and issues related with the course, instructor, and course material for a better customer experience.
Procedure Who, When
  • Customer can register their complaint through Form 4:Fix-it that will be available at
  • School’s website
  • With the instructors
  • Through E-mail
Customers, Any time
  • Customer complaint will be acknowledge, investigated, root cause will be identified, and quality improvement plan will be developed and recoreded on Form 3: Quality Improvement Plan

PM training school, Acknowledgment=2 working days.

Investigation and QIP=10 working days.

   Based on the quality improvement plan:       follwing action may be taken.

  • A better approach for course management will be devised and followed.
  • Updates will be made to course material and will be informed to customers and other stakeholders.
  • Instructors performance will be reviewed and affiliation may be reviewed if required.
  • A resolution will be found between the school and the customer.
PM training school actions=20 working days
  • The summary data, of all the complaints, will be used the inform the annual organisation review process
PM training school at the end of the year


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