What we can perceive from the above quote is that, although project management may seem to be a fancy profession, it requires you to be eminently competent and tremendously skillful for being able to thoroughly meet the standards of an efficient project manager. By precisely serving the needs and demands of your profession, you will get to a position where you can feel free to demand your rewards. The following article gives you a picture of the general industry standard pay scale for some of the universally recognized project management courses. 

1. Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP®)

  • Accreditation: Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Cost: US$490 – US$640
  • Expected Salary: US$110,000 – US$123,000 

In the PMI-ACP® certification course, Agile is rigorously followed with no compromise. The PMI instructors provide a clear and concise walkthrough of the Agile philosophy using the ground-up approach. While speaking of Agile frameworks, it is important to mention that Scrum is an integral part of the Agile mantra. The Scrum is a systematic approach of getting certain tasks done, which you may consider as a subcategory of Agile. 

2. Project Management Professional (PMP®)

  • Accreditation: Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Cost: US$400 – US$555
  • Expected Salary: US$100,000 – US$110,000 

The PMI works steadily to amend the contents of the course to keep it up to date, thus aligning with the dynamically changing needs of the industry. PMP® certification revolves around 3 main constraints: Time, Scope and Cost. It is a laborious course that consists of several modules to help the academia in recognizing the weak spots of a project. Accordingly, the project manager can notify his or her team to come up with alternative options to enable completion of the project with a deliverable product. 

3. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®)

  • Accreditation: Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Cost: US$200 – US$300
  • Expected Salary: US$90,000 – US$101,000 

Unlike the other high tier certifications which carry several prerequisites and is also demanding, CAPM® is part of the basic level IT Project Management Certifications that consists of loads of learning and development opportunities for beginners 

  1. PRINCE2 Agile®
  • Accreditation: AXELOS Ltd
  • Cost: US$900 to US$1,000
  • Expected Salary: US$90,000 

PRojects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) is the most comprehensive agile project management platform in the world, which brilliantly consolidates the responsiveness and resilience of agile methodologies. This platform is an outcome of phenomenal demand from the user communities, which governs and provides a structure to agile methods and techniques. Its procedure is precisely defined, with a convenient set of templates, rules, and roles. 

5. Certified ScrumMaster (CSM®)

  • Accreditation: The Scrum Alliance
  • Cost: US$1,000 to US$1,400
  • Expected Salary: US$80,000 – US$85,000 

Acquiring a CSM® certification will equip you to manage a team of individuals who are accountable for the behest of the respective product owner. Most Scrum series’ certifications are affiliated with the Scrum Alliance, a nonprofit organization which is a globally recognized institute that was originally formed to foster an Agile ideology in the IT industry. Ironically, they charge on an average a whopping US$1,400 as a training and examination fee. As per the recent statistics, there are at least 450,000 Certified ScrumMasters across the globe. 

6. Certified Project Director (CPD)

  • Accreditation: Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM)
  • Cost: US$400 – US$555
  • Expected Salary: US$85,000 – US$90,000 

The Certified Project Director (CPD) certification is devised for senior and experienced project management officials, who wish to advance beyond the Project portfolio management and other project management certifications. If you are competent in leading a group of project managers, overseeing multiple projects or intending a career path towards becoming a Project Director, then CPD is the right choice! 

7. CompTIA Project+ Certification

  • Accreditation: CompTIA Project Co.
  • Cost: US$319
  • Expected Salary: US$80,000 – US$85,000 

This certification equips business professionals, inside and outside of the IT industry with the foundational concepts to manage less complex small to medium-sized projects successfully. Project+ is more versatile when compared to other certifications as it comprises of crucial project management techniques without limiting the scope to just a single framework or methodology. 

8. Certified Project Manager – IAPM

  • Accreditation: International Association Of Project Managers
  • Cost: US$630 – US$800
  • Expected Salary: US$65,000 – US$96,000 

Certified Project Manager (CPM – IAPM) is a basic level certification for candidates with a fundamental knowledge of project management. The knowledge you gain by acquiring this certification will empower you to plan, organize, control, and execute a project effectively. 

9. Professional in Project Management (PPM)™

  • Accreditation: Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM)
  • Cost: US$135 – US$555
  • Expected Salary: US$60,000 – US$80,000 

Professional in Project Management (PPM™) is a certification which demonstrates that the standard requirements of project management profession such as experience, knowledge, and skills have been met that are unequivocally required in the business community. PPM™ shows that you have contributed enough time, energy and labour to the profession of project management. 

10. Master Project Manager (MPM™)

  • Accreditation: American Academy of Project Management (AAPM®)
  • Cost: US$300
  • Expected Salary: US$58,000 – US$86,000 

Master Project Manager (MPM™) aims at mastering the art of effective project delivery efficiently by utilizing project analysis as a prime business driver. The course module includes practical exercises, presentations, and highly interactive group sessions. 

Final word

If the range of salary is your key to a motivational and satisfying career, then it is wise to pick the highest paying course that best fits your needs and eligibility requirements.

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