PMBoK stands for Project Management Body of Knowledge, and it is the entire collection of processes, best practices, terminologies, and guidelines that are accepted as standard within the project management industry (PMI).

The PMBoK® Guide Seventh Edition which was due to release in August 2021 is now available as a digital PDF and eBook, with print versions beginning to ship now.

Preceding the latest edition was PMBoK v6 which was published in September 2017 and has been followed since then within project management industry. It uses the waterfall project management techniques.

PMBoK version7

PMBOK v7 has performance domains instead of knowledge areas. Performance domains are a group of related activities that are critical for the effective delivery of project outcomes. The Domains include important management practices. Each section explains why the specific domain is important for effective project management.

On the other hand, PMBoK v6 was mainly focusing on waterfall project management techniques. PMBoK v6 has all the knowledge areas and five project management process groups: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing.

Effect on PMP Exam Prep Training Materials

The question which arises in our mind is that will the latest edition of PMBoK Guide effect the exam prep training materials?

Please note that the PMBoK guide 7th Edition will not impact the PMP Exam prep Training Materials.

The reason being that the PMP exam is based on the Exam Content Outline rather than the PMBoK Guide. The Exam content outline is a summary of the research conducted to create PMP exam.

The current Exam Content Outline, dated January 2021 was intended to be relevant for an extended time, and if any changes are made then PMI will give advance notice to everybody including Authorized Training Partners.

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