The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a worldwide recognised symbol of achievement in the dynamic field of project management. 

It is a globally recognised indicator of expertise in the profession because of its high standards and thorough validation of competence throughout the project lifecycle, from initiation to planning, execution, and closure.

Australian project managers stand out as prominent individuals who draw attention for their salary incentives as well as their skill at handling challenging projects. 

They make an average of AU$150,000 a year, according to a new report by the renowned Project Management Institute (PMI). This ranks them among the highest-paid professionals in the world of project management.

This blog aims to serve as a primary source for accurate information regarding PMP salaries in Australia. 

Salary Breakdown of 5 PMP-Related Job Titles in Australia

Let’s explore into the specifics: average salaries and salary ranges for various PMP-related job titles in Australia:

Salary Breakdown of 5 PMP-Related Job Titles in Australia

1. Senior Project Manager- IT

Senior Project Manager- IT

In the IT industry, senior project managers are seasoned experts entrusted with overseeing intricate technology initiatives. They use their experience in software development and infrastructure upgrades to manage cross-functional teams and provide creative solutions. 

Due to their specialised skills and leadership abilities, these professionals command top-tier income, with an average salary of $119,733 and a salary range of $78k to $177k.

2. Senior Business Analyst

Senior Business Analyst

Senior business analysts are critical thinkers who connect technological solutions with business demands. They evaluate corporate procedures, spot areas for change, and work with stakeholders to put good ideas into action. 

These professionals, whose average pay is $124,855, are crucial in promoting innovation and company change. Their income ranges from $80k to $194k.

3. Project Manager- Engineering

Project Manager- Engineering

Engineering project managers are in charge of planning, executing, and completing engineering projects ranging from infrastructure development to manufacturing processes. 

They work together with designers, engineers, and other stakeholders to guarantee that projects are completed on schedule, under budget, and in compliance with all legal and technical standards. 

These professionals, whose average pay is $146,399 and who earn between $93k and $201k, are essential to the engineering industry’s innovation and advancement.

4. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are in charge of determining strategic direction, encouraging growth, and guaranteeing overall corporate success as the top-ranked executives in an organisation. The performance of the business and stakeholder satisfaction are significantly impacted by their leadership choices. 

CEOs are well compensated for their visionary leadership and responsibility, with salaries ranging from $114 to $182k and an average of $151,480.

5. Project Manager- Construction

Project Manager- Construction

Manager of Construction ProjectsIn the construction industry, project managers supervise the organising, carrying out, and closing of construction projects, ranging from apartment buildings to business complexes. 

To guarantee that projects are completed on schedule, within budget, and in compliance with quality standards, they collaborate with architects, contractors, and subcontractors. These specialists, whose average pay is $160,516 and pay ranges from $91k to $296k, are essential in forming buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s go over some frequently asked questions from working professionals about salary in Australia for PMP professionals.

1: What factors influence PMP salaries in Australia?

An individual’s experience, industry, location, and qualifications are all important elements that affect PMP salaries in Australia. Seniority and experience typically translate into better pay.

2: Which industries offer the highest salaries for PMP professionals in Australia?

Industries such as IT, engineering, finance, and healthcare tend to offer lucrative salary packages for PMP professionals due to the high demand for skilled project managers in these sectors.

3: Is there a significant salary difference between metropolitan and regional areas in Australia?

In general, PMP professionals in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane make more money than those in rural areas. However, when assessing the overall salary, one must also take the cost of living into account.


We hope that this blog has helped you understand PMP salaries in Australia. With this understanding, you can make more informed decisions and navigate your career path more effectively. 

Whether you’re building a foundation or reaching for the stars, never forget that your knowledge and commitment are priceless resources. 

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