With her permission, I wanted to provide a few LL nuggets she provided:
1. The exam has two automated 10-minute breaks but she was able to choose to skip them if she desired
2. The user interface sounded different, she was not aware of a whiteboard available anywhere on her screen
3. She did not have any questions that required mathematical calculations
4. She did not have any questions that required her to draw a project network diagram, although there were questions based on diagrams, she did not have to calculate any schedule information nor draw out the diagram
5. There were several memory recall questions, such as what is Deming credited with
6. There was an emphasis on agile concepts & tools, especially servant leadership, mentoring/coaching, time-boxing
7. There were many questions regarding the right approach between iterative, incremental, agile, hybrid, predictive
8. The questions were largely scenario based where an in-depth understanding of concepts is required to understand the scenario and choose the correct answer
9. There were multiple-choice, multiple-answer, drag-n-drop, and fill in the blank type questions

Bonnie and I talked to day . . . and we have discovered . . .

that the questions seem to be written from a third-person perspective.

A lot of “You are doing this …”, “As a project manager, you were tasked with …”, etc. And, “Blah, blah, blah is true now what do you do …”

Example: “A new project manager joined the project to do X, Y, and Z … What should the project manager do?”.

“A company is trying to do A, B, and C. What tool or technique (deliverable?) should the project manager use to accomplish A?”

“Someone requested to change the requirements … What will the project manager require prior to changing the scope?”

“Something happened in a project. Two team members got into a shouting argument. What should the project manager have done to prevent the incident?”

The question stem tends to use two short sentences followed by “What should the project manager do?”
or “What could the project manager have done to avoid?”
Answers can be one-word responses or they can be medium phrases.

Scenarios can be 5 – 6 sentences . . .

You have an SPI = .80, what do you tell the customer . . .

For the PROCESS questions, we believe you still have to know where you are on PMBOK page 25 . . .

Final word 

It is to be noted that despite incurring an extra cost for acquiring Agile coding experts and Agile project managers, enterprises can expect greater returns on project objectives and businesses due to the more effective use of Agile practices. Simply put, the more you invest in people, the more you will reap long-term benefits.

As you can see, there’s incessant demand for Agile practitioners across the globe. If you desire to see yourself progress in the career of Agile Project management, then this is the best time to get yourself certified. Please contact PM Training School, Auckland, New Zealand to know more.

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