Business analysis is a discipline of research nature that aims at understanding business needs and suggesting solution options to diverse business problems.

The required solutions may be relating to a variety of issues such as software-systems development component, organizational change, process improvement, policy development and strategic planning. The one who carryout these tasks is called a Business Analyst, or in short, BA.

 Role of a BA

  • Business Analysts conduct their tasks under general supervision and are responsible for coordinating with the stakeholders including management, team members, process owners and  clients to interpret and analyze an organization’s business needs to formulate the project output and ensure delivery of expected business benefit.
  •   Elicitation, analysis, articulation, verification, validation, prioritisation and management of the product requirements.
  •  Demonstrate the required experience and knowledge to suitably employ business analysis models, tools and techniques to deliver a solution as per stakeholders need.


Business analysis is gaining critical importance for project management professionals across the industries. So acquiring a Business Analysis Expert certification such as Project Management Institute’s PMI-PBA® can turn out to be a fresh makeover for your career.


Industry experts claim that inaccurate requirements gathering is one amongst the top 3 reasons what causes project failure. This claim is vindicated by the PMI’s Pulse of the Profession® research. If you are one who works with stakeholders in moulding project outputs, determining requirements, and orchestrating intended business outcomes, then PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA®) is a perfectly tailored certification for you.



●     Secondary degree (associate’s degree / high school diploma)

●     35 contact hours in business analysis


●     7500 hours (5 years) in Business Analysis (within the last 8 years)



●  Any Bachelor’s degree or its globally recognized equivalent

●  35 contact hours in business analysis


●  4500 hours (3 years) in Business Analysis (within the last 8 years)

 Examination format

 ● Questions

●  Total no.of Questions – 200 (multiple-choice, schematics and animations)

●  No. of Pre-test Questions (Unscored) – 25

●  No. of Scored Questions – 175

●     Duration

●     A maximum of 240 minutes (4 hours)

●     Other information

●     Pre-test questions will have nil effect on your score. They are used as a legitimate and effective method to test the validity of Scored questions.

●     Computer-based testing (CBT) is the standard administrative method of all PMI examinations. Paper-based testing (PBT) is available only at exceptional circumstances.

●     Breaks are not scheduled during the examination. However, you are allowed to take breaks in between the examination if required. But the exam clock shall continue to count down.

PMI-PBA® Exam Blueprint

Domain 1: Needs Assessment (5 tasks) 18% – 7 processes

Domain 2: Planning (6 tasks) 22% – 7 processes

Domain 3: Analysis (8 tasks) 35% – 9 processes

Domain 4: Traceability and Monitoring (5 tasks) 15%- 4 processes

Domain 5: Evaluation (4 tasks) 10%- 4 processes

Available Languages

Language aids are currently not available. The PMI-PBA® certification examination is offered in English only.

 Certification Validity

The PMI-PBA certification is valid for 3 years. You should earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) in topics pertaining to Business Analysis every three years if you want to maintain the validity of your certification.


The cost of both Computer-based & Paper-based test administration types is the same.

Member of PMI: USD$405 (340 Euros)

Non-member: USD$555 (465 Euros)

If your membership application has not been processed entirely before you pay for the examination certification, you will be charged the Non-member rate.


●   Wide range of career opportunities – Holding a PMI-PBA® certification demonstrates both your competency and knowledge in Business analysis Processes. Thus it guarantees a massive number of leads in career advancement as you will become an invaluable asset to your company.

●   Increased Earnings – The 2015 PMI Annual PM Salary Survey stated that there are high chances for PMI-PBA certificate holders to get an increase of 45% approximately of your last drawn salary.

●     Professional Growth – PMI Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program helps you in continuously developing your skills and be as updated as possible as the profession grows and evolves. PMI does this by regularly conducting in-depth studies to ensure that it reflects contemporary trends and practices.

●  Global Recognition – PMI-PBA certification provides an impartial endorsement to your professional experience and expertise on a worldwide level. These credentials are popular all over the world for the past many years. So you can be sure of getting professionally recognized from employers and recruiters of top companies.

●     Personal Development – The most critical part of the PMI-PBA exam is the fact that your soft skills and personal abilities will become stronger. You may use the exam preparation as a method to train your diverse intra-personal skills.

Final word

The demand for Business Analysis Experts is on the rise in numerous industries. Apart from your academic criteria, obtaining a valid certification like the PMI-PBA certification is bound to increase your employability and capacity. Earning PMI-PBA certification is the right path to go down if you wish to not only grow professionally but challenge yourself.

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