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PMBOK stands for Project Management Body of Knowledge, and it is the entire collection of processes, best practices, terminologies, and guidelines that are accepted as standard within the Project Management Industry (PMI).

PMBOK v6 was published in September 2017 and has been followed since then within the project management industry. It uses waterfall project management techniques.

PMI is planning to release PMBOK Seventh Edition by August 2021. There will be changes in the latest version. Let’s have a look at the differences between PMBOK v6 and v7.

PMBOK version6

Until now, PMBOK was mainly focusing on waterfall project management techniques. PMBOK v6 has all the knowledge areas and five project management process groups: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing.

PMBOK 6 TH EDITION Knowledge areas

This approach works best when there are defined requirements. It is suitable for a stable environment where control can be easily managed by defined deliverables, milestones, and dependencies.

PMBOK version7

PMBOK v7 has performance domains instead of knowledge areas. Performance domains are a group of related activities that are critical for the effective delivery of project outcomes. The Domains include important management practices. Each section explains why the specific domain is important for effective project management.

The reason for the implication of Agile project management methods and approaches is that with conventional project management approaches, it is not possible to welcome rapidly changing requirements to the projects.

With the passage of time Product life cycles are shorter and requirements of the product or project can change over time depending on the progress of the project. That’s why Agile Project Management Approach becomes more practical.

With conventional project management approaches, it is not possible to welcome rapidly changing requirements to the projects. The agile Approach makes it easier to implement those changes without affecting the life cycle of the project.

PMBOK 7th edition knowledge areas

Comparison of PMBOK version 6 and 7 :

pmbok guide comparison


The difference between PMBOK version 6 and  7 is that the approach has been changed from Waterfall to Agile. The Agile Approach is believed to give increased customer satisfaction, lower defect rates, and faster development times.

Should I wait for Pmbok 7th edition to appear PMP?

My recommendation is to get your PMP before the 7th edition because the latest PMP exam 2021 doesn’t depend on the PMBOK V7. I also recommend using PMI own developed and authorized material to prepare.

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