What is PMI-PBA certification is all about?

Due to the continuous growth in BA profession, PMI has launched its latest credential In Business Analysis (PMI-PBA). Due to the increase in jobs, the PMI-PBA certification will surely increase the demand for Business Analytics. PMI-PBA certification is for the business analysts who are specialised to work on projects and for the project managers who do business analysis on daily basis. This certificate will surely give you hands-on- business experience.  

Facts about PMI-PBA certification, you should know?

  •    Helps to excel in your career
  •    Helps to increase your Payscale
  •    Helps to recognise on global level

Facts of PMI-PBA certification:

(1). Can excel in your career with PMI-PBA certification

As you are already professional before giving this exam. But the PMI-PBA certification exam will provide you in-depth knowledge and appropriate skills to ensure that it reflects inclinations and practices. This will also help you to be up-to-date as this profession is all about the latest research and to adapt the changes.

(2). Help to increase your pay-scale.

According to the reports, the PMI-PBA certification will help you to boost your payscale. This certification will offer you a hike of 45% in your salary.

(3). Help to recognise on Global level

PMI-PBA certification will help you to recognise on global level. As this is a well-known certification and is valid all over the world. This will be guaranteed provide more values, appreciation and recruiters from the leading organisations around the world.

PMI-PBA Certification Myths

  •  PMI-PBA is limited to programs and projects
  •  To clear the PMI-PBA exam, all you require is project experience and educational background
  • PMI-PBA certification is organised by the project managers
  •  PMI-PBA certification is for project managers
  • PMI-PBA certification is not for agile projects

Myths about PMI-PBA Certification:

(1). PMI- PBA is limited to Programs and Projects

According to research, it is clear that business analysis projects and programs are performed in big organisations. But this does not depict that PMI businesses are limited to this only. It is more than managing projects, programs and operations. The Business Analysis is not restricted to a person’s opinion, it is all about extensive research.

(2). To clear PMI-PBA exam, all you require is projects experience and educational background

The eligibility of this exam requires 4,500 & 7,500 hours of experience in business analysis. And 2000 hours experience is required on working on projects. This hour does not include only bookish knowledge. In fact, these hours are clearly based on testing your knowledge while working on the -real-time projects. PMI-PBA exam is all about the professional and highly experienced persons.

(3). PMI-PBA exam is organized by Project Managers.

This is not true. It is organised by highly experienced business analysis professionals across the industries from all over the world. The latest pattern of PMI-PBA exam ensures to include all the latest real-time thinking questions which meets the PMI standards. As well as, the exam questions include the two-independent business analysis references. So, overall this exam is based and meant for highly skilled business analysis professionals.

(4). PMI-PBA certification is for the Project Managers

PMI-PBA certification is for the project managers but not all the project managers are qualified for the exam. It’s all depend on your work experience. Before, appearing for the exam, it is better to check out the PMI-PBA exam eligibility requirements. Because your job title will not allow you to sit for the exam. Your experience and eligibility criteria will make you appear for the PMI-PBA certification exam.

(5). PMI-PBA certification is not for agile projects

This certification focus both on waterfall and agile projects and each process includes consideration for agile and adaptive environment. For example how and when to do Business Analysis planning in an agile or scrum lifecycle. How to be part of an agile team, How agile way of working helps Business analysts to become cross functional.

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