Certified Project Management Association (CAPM) is a project management organization degree (PMI). CAPM is the development information of the level of admission of the project. The objective of CAPM is to illustrate knowledge candidates, effective terms and conditions of project management. For those with limited experience of the project.

New CAPM Exam 2023 (January)

We know that 2023 is still 4 months away but PMI has stated that CAPM Exam will be changing from the next year. So,  the answer is Yes, the CAPM exam is changing in early January 2023.

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI) words:

The New CAPM certification exam will better support you as a project professional by testing your skills on project management fundamentals, as well as predicate, adaptive and business analysis principles.

It’s an asset that will distinguish you in the job market and enhance your credibility and effectiveness working on — or with — project teams.

Difference between Current and the New CAPM Exam:

PMI has released the new CAPM Exam content outline.  The new CAPM exam content outline tells you what is going to be covered in the new upcoming exam,  like the topic that you should know.

Current Exam
  • Tests knowledge based on the PMBOK®Guide – Sixth Edition
New Exam

Will encompass 4 Domain areas:

  • Project Management Fundamentals and Core Concepts
  • Predictive Plan-Based Methodologies
  • Agile Frameworks/Methodologies
  • Business Analysis Frameworks

Similarities between Current and the New CAPM Exam:

Both the current and the new exam will include 150 questions to be completed in 3 hours and can be taken at a test center or as an online proctored exam.

What is the benefit of CAPM certification?

CAPM authentication provides technical knowledge and best project management practices. Expert’s plan, execute, monitor, effectively complement projects and provide technologies and experience to identify potential employers.

How To Crack CAPM® EXAM In 2023?

Here are the tips for you to crack your CAPM Exam In 2021 :

  • Make yourself familiar with the exam
  • Proper plan should be prepared
  • Time to access your preparation level
  • Understand CAPM exam pattern carefully before final attempt
  • Focus on your strengths and weakness
  • Go-through all the study material carefully
  • List all the important formulas before the starting of the exam.
  • Track your progress
  • and more

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