Ultimate DASSM Study Plan

dassm study plan roadmap

DASSM Journey

Step 1: Identify the right pmi authorised training partner:

Find a PMI DASSM Training provider who is cost effective, authentic and provide post training support (Learning Portal, Study roadmap, exam simulator, study group, supplementary notes) to help you pass DASSM in first attempt

PM Training School is a PMI certified provider and has expert instructors and offers flexible course schedules to accommodate the busy lives of working professional.

Step 2: DASSM Pre-work Reading:

Completed Phase 1 ( DASSM Pre Work- reading). It will take 3-4 hours to complete reading. (This is optional). Engage in pre-work reading materials to familiarize yourself with the Disciplined Agile framework. This foundational knowledge will prepare you for the upcoming training and deepen your understanding of agile practices and principles.

Step 3: Complete DASSM Training

Complete DASSM training that runs for 14-16 hours. This training equips you with the necessary skills to effectively apply agile and lean principles as a Senior Scrum Master.

Get PMI Free account if you don’t have.

PMI membership offers numerous benefits for individuals who are pursuing a career in project management.

How to become PMI Member?

To become a PMI member, follow these steps:

(1). Go to the PMI website: Visit the PMI website at www.pmi.org and click on the “Join” button.

(2). Select membership type: Select the membership type that best fits your needs. PMI offers different membership options, including individual, student, and retiree memberships.

(3). Create a PMI account: If you do not already have a PMI account, you will need to create one. This will allow you to access member-only resources and tools.

(4). Complete the application: Fill out the membership application, providing your personal and professional information. You will also need to pay the membership fee.

(5). Receive confirmation: Once your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to access your member benefits.

Step 4: Submit DASSM Application/Roster:

Once you have completed the training, submit your DASSM application or roster to demonstrate your completion of the training program. This step is essential for validating your eligibility to proceed with the certification process.

You will submit your DASSM eligibility application (Ask Instructor for advice). Instructor will submit DASSM training completion roster to PMI. You will have 60 days to schedule your exam.


PM Training School’s learning portal for DASSM practice exams can offer several benefits to DASSM aspirants, including:

Here are some benefits of joining PM Training School’s Learning portal:

Realistic Exam Experience

The learning portal provides DASSM practice exams that are designed to simulate the actual DASSM certification exam.


The learning portal allows learners to access DASSM practice exams at their own convenience. Learners can choose the time and place.

Practice and Feedback

The learning portal allows learners to take multiple DASSM practice exams and receive instant feedback on their performance.

Step 5: Prepare for DASSM Exam

Dedicate focused time to prepare for the DASSM exam. Utilize study materials, recommended resources, and practice questions to reinforce your knowledge and readiness for the certification exam.

PM Training School: PM Training School offers a comprehensive DASSM exam preparation course that includes study materials, practice exams, and live online classes with certified instructors.

Step 6: Pay and schedule for DASSM exam:

Once you feel adequately prepared, schedule your DASSM exam. Choose a suitable date and location that aligns with your availability and preferred testing environment.

You will have 24 hours to complete after scheduling. Exam is of 50
questions and you need to complete in 90 Minutes.

To schedule the exam, follow these steps:

(1). Create an account on the PMI website: If you don’t already have an account on the PMI website, you will need to create one.

(2). Submit your application: Once you have completed your 35 hours of project management education and meet the eligibility requirements, you can submit your DASSM application for review.

(3). Wait for approval: PMI will review your application and confirm your eligibility to take the exam. This process can take up to 5 business days.

(4). Pay for the exam: Once your application has been approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to pay for the exam.

(5). Schedule the exam: After you have paid for the exam, you can schedule your exam appointment through the Prometric website. You will need to choose a testing center and a date and time that works for you.

Step 7:  Sit for exam and pass DASSM exam:

When it comes to answering exam questions, here are some tips:

(1). Read the question carefully: Make sure you understand what the question is asking before answering it.

(2). Eliminate wrong answers: If you’re unsure of the answer, eliminate any obviously wrong answers first. This will increase your chances of guessing correctly.

(3). Use the process of elimination: If you’re unsure of the answer, use the process of elimination to narrow down the choices.

(4). Manage your time: It’s important to manage your time wisely. Don’t spend too much time on one question.

Step 8:  Earn and Maintain 7 PDUs Over 1 Year:

After obtaining your DASSM certification, continue your professional development by earning and maintaining 7 Professional Development Units (PDUs) over one year. Engage in relevant learning activities, such as attending webinars, conferences, or workshops, to enhance your skills as a Senior Scrum Master.

Maintain your DASSM by earning 07 PDUs each year. There is a renewal fee.

Step 9: Renew your DASSM every  years:

To ensure the validity of your DASSM certification, renew it every year. Stay updated with the latest industry practices and trends, earn the required PDUs, and submit the necessary renewal documentation to maintain your DASSM credentials.

Stay up-to-date


Request Information 

Request for a Certification Course

Comprehensive Study Material:

The study plan include comprehensive study material covering all the knowledge areas and process groups of the DASSM exam including textbooks, online courses, and other resources to provide a well-rounded understanding of the exam.

Structured Learning Modules:

The study plan is broken down into structured learning modules that cover different topics and concepts. This can help learners to stay organized and on track with their studies.

Practice Exams:

The study plan provides access to a series of DASSM practice exams that simulate the actual exam format, time constraints, and difficulty level. These practice exams help learners to gauge their exam readiness and identify areas where they need to improve.

Identify your career goals:

What skills do you need to develop, do you need to develop and where do you want to be in the future?

Look for relevant opportunities:

This could be attending training programs, volunteering for a relevant project, or attending seminars.

Choose reputable providers:

Look for PMI-approved training providers or providers with a good reputation in the industry.

DASSM Learning Resources

R1: DASSM - Phase 1<br />

(R1): Phase 1 (Pre Work Reading)

DASSM Phase 2 Study

(R2): Phase 2 (Study Guide)

DA Browser

(R3): PMI - DA Browser

PMI DA Website DAC Resource

(R4): DASSM Activity Workbook

(R5): : Choose your
WoW- V2

PM Training School Logo

(R6): DASSM Practice Exam Simulator

DASSM Certification – Phase 1 (Reading)

Resource: R1 (Phase 1 Pre work reading)
Total Duration: 04 hours

dassm study plan

Step 1: 

Ask your instructor to provide you access to PMI LO Choices

Step 2:

Download DASSM Phase 1 Pre reading material and read it before the start of the class

DASSM Certification – Phase 2 (Training Workshop)

Resource: R4: Activity workbook/ R2 (Phase 2 study guide)
Total Duration: 14-16 hours

dassm study plan

Step 1

Complete your workshop with PMI certified instructor for DASSM

Step 2

Take part in activities using R4. It’s recommended to printout activity workbook during training and actively participate.

Brain Busters: Put Your Knowledge to the Test with Our Challenging Certification Practice Exams !

DASSM Exam Preperation

Resource: R2 (Phase 2 study guide)/ R5 (choose your “WoW” V2)
Total Duration: 2 weeks

Step 1: 

Submit your DASSM Application. Ask your instructor to guide you on how to write an
effective exam eligibility application that should be accepted on the first attempt.

Step 2: 

Reach out to PM Training School support(support@pmtrainingschool.com ) for guidance. OR

ask for advice at PM Training School Free WhatsApp-based Study Group

Step 3:

Ask your trainer to submit the training completion roster.

Step 4:

Download and Read choose “Your WoW- V2”. It is a shorter version of actual book and will take at least a week to complete.
Download and read Phase 2: Study guide (R2). It will take at least one week of your study

DASSM Exam Preperation (4 Days)

Resource (R6): Any Updated Exam Simulator OR Learning portal

DASSM Study Plan 2023

Step 1: Practice Exam 1

Complete a full practice exam (50 Qs) in 1.5 hours. You should be getting at least 60% Marks.
Identify the Gaps and consult with suggested learning resources (R1- R6) and the explanation to the answers.

Step 2: Practice Exam N

Practice as many exams as possible (We provide 7 exams)
Identify the Gaps and consult with suggested learning resources (R1- R6) and the explanation to the answers.

Next Steps

Resources (R1- R6)



Step 1: Pay and Schedule your DASSM Exam

  • Pay and Schedule your exam at www.pmi.org
  • Once scheduled, you will have to appear for exam in 24 hours

Step 2: Prepare for Exam

  • DASSM is an open book, non proctored exam. You can use s many resources as you want (Suggested resources R1- R6)
  • Use Two Screens, if possible. You can use one screen for exam and other screen to consult with resources.
  • Try to appear for exam, right after scheduling.

Step 3: Sit for your exam and Become a DASSM

  • Exam is 90 minutes long and include 50 questions. Once completed and passed you will have the most authentic credential (PMI- DASSM).

Pro Tips To Prepare for DASSM Exam


Attend the DASSM workshop attentively, ensuring completing all the activities


Approach the content with the mindset of a Senior Scrum Master/ Team lead


Take precise notes using R1-R6, keeping them concise (around 5-6 pages).
Regularly refer to these notes to reinforce and summarize the content in your mind, facilitating easier revision later


Familiarize yourself with the definitions and terms presented in each lesson to ensure a solid understanding.


DASSM Key terminologies:

  1. Emotional intelligence and It’s components
  2. pragmatic reporting principles
  3. Healthy and negative conflicts
  4. Process goals: Coordinate activities
  5. Self organizing teams
  6. Tuckman stages
  7. Ground rules and team charter
  8. Devops and value streams
  9. Tactical scaling
  10. Test Driven Development
  11. Relative estimation
  12. Thomas- Killman Conflict resolution model
  13. Borrowing a team member
  14. Planning stages
  15. Leadership style during team development stages
  16. Infrastructure as a code
  17. Rolling wave planning & Progressive
  18. Elaboration
  19. GQM and OKRs
  20. Relative Points 

Pro Tips To Prepare for DASSM Exam 2


Understand the study roadmap thoroughly for the DASSM exam.


Attend all coaching sessions facilitated by your instructor to gain valuable insights and clarification


Create a customized self-study plan based on your preferences and validate it.


Regularly review and stay on track with your study goals.


Approach the first practice exam with confidence, relying on your acquired knowledge and notes


Identify gaps and weaknesses revealed in the practice exam and dedicate time for revision


Refine your study notes to capture additional insights and understanding.


Focus on reviewing questions answered incorrectly and understand the correct answers


By following the study roadmap, attending coaching sessions, and practicing with the exams, you will be well-prepared for the DASSM exam


Complete each practice test within the designated 90-minute time limit, simulating real exam conditions without breaks.


Once your performance in the practice exams consistently meets your target score, schedule the DASSM exam promptly to maintain preparedness and confidence

Tips & Tricks To Pass
DASSM Exam In First Attempt


Plan for the DASSM Exam over the weekend in case your weekdays are busy.
Ensure you have undivided attention by creating an environment of absolute silence, avoiding phone calls, and minimizing distractions from elsewhere


Here is a breakdown of the exam details:

Total Questions: 50
Duration: 90 minutes (2 minutes and 15 seconds per question)
The majority of questions are scenario-based


Multi-choice and multi-answers question are more common in DASSM exam


Prepare to approach questions with an open mind from the perspective of a senior scrum master or team lead. The exam aims to test your team leadership skills in complex situation, such as determining the best course of action as a


Mark no more than 5-6 questions for later review during the exam (Choose the answers even if you have marked them for later review)


To manage your time effectively:
Avoid spending too much time on relatively easier questions. Save time for more challenging ones.
Minimize navigation back and forth between questions to save time

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites for the DASSM exam?

Two years of experience in an agile team, preferably in a leadership role like Disciplined Agile scrum master, scrum master, product owner, or architecture owner.

Familiarity with the fundamentals of the DA tool kit, which can be acquired through
any of the following:

  • Completion of the Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) course.
  • Completion of The Basics of Disciplined Agile online course.
  • Reading section 1 or more of Choose Your WoW.

How is the DASSM exam structured?

The format of the DASSM exam is
as follows:

The exam is conducted through Pearson VUE.
It is an online test with 50 multiple-choice questions.
The entire exam appointment lasts 120 minutes, divided into:

  • 30 minutes for the introduction, tutorial, and survey.
  • Up to 90 minutes for completing the exam.

What is the timeframe for taking the DASSM exam after attending the training workshop?

After attending the training workshop, students have a window of 60 days to take the DASSM exam once they receive the exam link

Does the DASSM certification have an expiration date?

Yes, the DASSM certification is valid for one year. To renew the certification, individuals need to:

  • Accumulate 7 PDUs (Professional Development Units) in agile topics.
  • Pay the renewal fee of $50.00

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