Ultimate DAC Study Plan 2023

DAC Study Plan 2023

DAC Journey

Step 1 & Step 2:


Find a PMI DAC Instructor/ Training provider who is cost effective, authentic and provide post training support (Learning Portal, Study roadmap, exam simulator, study group, supplementary notes) until you get your DAC.

Complete DAC training that runs for 16 hours. Get a PMI Free account if you don’t have

Step 3:

Submit your DAC eligibility application (Ask Instructor for advice)

Ask Instructor to submit DAC training completion roster to PMI. You will have one year to schedule your exam after roaster submission


Step 4 & Step 5:

Ask instructor to help you to join DAC Community of Practice.
Prepare for DAC exam using suggested resources, see below.

PM Training School’s learning portal for DAC practice exams can offer several benefits to PMP aspirants, including:

Here are some benefits of joining PM Training School’s Learning portal:

Realistic Exam Experience

The learning portal provides PMP practice exams that are designed to simulate the actual PMP certification exam.


The learning portal allows learners to access PMP practice exams at their own convenience. Learners can choose the time and place.

Practice and Feedback

The learning portal allows learners to take multiple PMP practice exams and receive instant feedback on their performance.

Step 6 & Step 7:

Schedule your exam. you will have 24 hours to complete after scheduling. Exam is of 60 questions and you need to complete in 120 Minutes. Once passed your are DAC Certified!!!

Step 8 & Step 9: 

Maintain your DAC by earning 07 PDUs each year.

Stay up-to-date

DAC Certification Journey
DAC Certification Journey

Request Information 

Request for a Certification Course

One – Time Payment

$899 USD  $599 USD


Choose reputable providers:

Look for PMI-approved training providers or providers with a good reputation in the industry.

DAC Learning Resources

dac phase one training

(R1): Phase One Training

dac resources class notes

(R2): Class Notes

DAC Activity Book

(R3): DAC Activity

PMI DA Website DAC Resource

(R4): PMI DA website
(Reference only)

DA Browser

(R5): DA Browser
(Reference only)

PM Training School Logo

(R6): DAC Practice
Exam Simulator

Request Information

Request for a Certification Course

DAC Certification Training – Workshop Plan



R1: Phase One training
R2: Class Notes
R3: Activity Workbook
Pre Training Prep: 07 days
Training Duration: 16 hours (Including breaks)


(1). DA Coach certification recommends to complete Phase one reading (See below).

(2). DA Coach workshop s mostly activity based, therefore you should complete the whole workshop with instructor

(3). It’s highly recommended to introduce you with Miro Board tool
Download Miro Board tool along with other students resources (R1, R2, R3) from PMI LO Choice.

(4). It’s high recommended to watch Assessment tool walk through video at PMI LOChoice.

PMI DAC Udemy Course

DAC Certification Phase 1 – Before Training



(1). DA Coach certification recommends to complete Phase one reading including following topics

  • The Disciplined Agile Coach
  • Working toward the end goals of DA™ coaching
  • Supporting change at the individual, team, and groups of teams
  • Coaching teams within the context of their organization
  • Coaching teams through their transformation journey

(2). It’s also recommended to review following process blades and goals using DA Browser:

  • People management
  • Transformation
  • Vendor management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Grow team
  • Coordinate Activities
  • Ensure Production readiness
  • Governance
  • Address Risks
  • Security
Request for a PMP Certification Course Info inline

Brain Busters: Put Your Knowledge to the Test with Our Challenging Certification Practice Exams !

DAC Exam Preparation Activities- After Training

Complete following activities before starting your DAC Prep after the workshop

Step 1: 

Submit your DAC Application. Ask your instructor to guide you on how to write an effective exam eligibility application that should be accepted on the first attempt. (See Sample Below)

Step 2: 


Reach out to PM Training School support (support@pmtrainingschool.com) for guidance.

Ask for advice at PM Training School Free WhatsApp-based Study Groups

Step 3: 

Ask your trainer to submit the training completion roster.

Step 4: 

  • Ask your trainer to submit your Name to PMI to join PMI’s DAC Community of Practice.
  • Download ‘Big Bank’ case study from PMI-DAC- CoP. This case study is different and longer than DA Value stream consultant Certification’s ‘Big Bank’ case study.
  • Participate COP meetings and participate in the discussions.

Next Steps:

  • Start your DAC Preparation using the below Plan.
DAC Exam Simulator

DAC Practice Exam And Revision (14 Days)

Step 1: Readings

Revise the DAC content using following resources:


  • DAC Big Bank case study- Twice (2 hours)
  • DA Process Goals- as given above (8 hours)
  • DAC Activity workbook- Once (8 hours)
  • DAC Miro Board Exercises review- Once (4 hours)
  • DAC Phase 1- Skim Through once more (4 hours)

Step 2: Practice Exam 1-N

  • Complete Three full practice exam (60 Qs or more) in 2 hours each. You should be getting at least 60% Marks.
  • Identify the Gaps and consult with suggested learning resources (R1- R6) and the explanation to the answers.

Step 3: Revision

After the practice exams, rectify your in correct answers by revising

DAC Big Bank case study- Once (1 hour)

DAC Phase 1- scan Through once more (5 days)

DAC Exam Simulator
DAC Exam Simulator

Next Steps

Resources (R1- R6)

Step 1: Schedule your DAC Exam

Schedule your exam at www.pmi.org. Once scheduled, you will have to appear for exam in 24 hours

Step 2: Prepare for exam

  • DAC is an open book, non proctored exam. You can use s many resources as you want (Suggested resources R1- R6)
  • Use Two Screens, if possible. You can use one screen for exam and other screen to consult with resources.
  • Try to appear for exam, right after scheduling.

Step 3: Sit for your exam and Become a DAC

  • Exam is 120 minutes long and include 60 questions. Once completed and passed you will have the most authentic credential in Agile coaching (PMI- DAC).
  • The exam will have 36 scenario based and 24 Case Study Based questions (Big Bank Case study)

Pro Tips To Prepare for DAC Exam


Attend the DAC workshop attentively with no compromise on any topic.


Understand the Sequence of the Workshop Lessons.


Always understand and read the content. wearing the hat of an Agile Coach


Know the topics, definitions and terms in each lesson very well.

(1). Key topics: The DA mindset, Working with your existing governance/PMO team, Identifying challenges and competencies, Determining improvement opportunities, Working with the improvement backlog, Creating a coaching playbook, Implementing guided continuous improvement (GCI), Visualizing and removing impediments, Determining the root cause of issues, Supporting diversity in the workplace, Guiding teams through the change process, Overcoming barriers to decision making, Working with external teams – GCI across disparate teams, Helping your organization develop needed capacity.

(2). Sequence of activities in prep planning and use of Pre Planning


Make your own precise notes-using R1- R6 (5-6 pages).Refer to the notes often to allow the content summary to sit in mind (This shall help to revise the content at the end)


Read the DAC Study roadmap in detail.


Attend all coaching sessions arranged by your instructor after training


Familiarize yourself with the workshop activities (3 and Miro Board Links).

PMI DAC Udemy Course

Pro Tips To Prepare for DAC Exam  (Part-2)


A deep Study of the Big Bank Case Study.( Stress on each concept)


Make your own notes on the Big Bank case study ( e.g. about Big Bank, mergers, Benefits of Merger , Impact on Mergers , Leadership changes – Two Agile Adaptations ; What happened in each of the Adaptations ? Why both failed ? Where were these two adaptations targeted ? Why DAC s needed ? what are the expectations ? What will you do as a DAC — Think about different scenarios)


Try the 1st Practice exam confident with the content and notes.

  • Find Gaps and Rework the weakness. Fine-tune your notes.
  • Revise only those questions which were not answered correctly.
  • After some time, again attempt Practice Exam 1 and should get a high score(Score > 90 %).

Try Practice exam 2, and follow above steps


Try Practice exam 3, and follow above steps


Now you are ready for DAC exam


Best Practice 1: Completed each practice test in 120 minutes, without any breaks.


Best Practice 2: Once the Practice Exam score is consistent , schedule the exam. Don’t allow much gap between the study and exam

PMI DAC Udemy Course

Tips & Tricks To Pass
DAC Exam In First Attempt


Plan for the DAC Exam over the weekend in case your weekdays are busy


Ensure undivided attention (absolute silence, avoiding phone calls, and distractions from elsewhere)


Distribution of questions (Scenario Based: 36 Qs, Case study:24 Qs)


Non-proctored exam — Can use resources (R1- R6).


Patterns of Question:

Majority of questions are scenario based.

Multiple choice answers are also present

Case Study-based Qs — All situational and lengthy.


Prepare to face the question with an open Mind from DAC perspective. The expectation is to test your coaching skills. e.g. As a DAC what will you do? Option 1 or 2? . Both might be correct in some situation but what is applicable in the current situation.


Avoid navigating back and forth to save time.

PMI DAC Udemy Course

Tips & Tricks To Pass
DAC Exam In First Attempt (Part – 2)


Mark no more than 5-6 questions for later review during the exam (Choose the answers even if you have marked them for later review).


Try to complete the first 36 questions a little faster (60 mins) to save more time for Case study-based questions (60 mins). Don’t panic in
case you miss the suggested time box


Case Study Questions tips and tricks

Screen splits into two halves during CS-based questions.

Scenario-based and more lengthy in nature.

Pattern: What happened? Why did transformation fail? What will you do as DAC

Avoid reading the Case Study during the exam. Be well prepared before the exam.


Never underestimate the question complexity . Majority shall not be straightforward to answer
Remain focused and confident to reply.

best of luck
PMI DAC Udemy Course

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