Juggling deadlines, keeping teams aligned and motivated, and ensuring projects are completed on time are the foundations of a project manager’s daily responsibilities. 

However, there is one important feature that goes beyond the daily grind and demonstrates a dedication to professional excellence and continual growth: keeping your PMI certification through the obtaining of Professional Development Units (PDUs).

For project management professionals, obtaining a Project Management Institute (PMI) certification is more than just a testament to their abilities and expertise; it’s a beacon that shows their commitment to remaining on top of industry trends. 

According to the PMI Salary Survey, PMP certification holders earn 33% higher median salary than non-PMP certified professionals. These statistics demonstrate the concrete value that the professional community places on certification. 

However, beyond the immediate financial incentives, there is a larger obligation: lifetime learning and ongoing adaptation to ever-changing project management approaches and technologies.

This blog will guide you through the process of obtaining Professional Development Units (PDUs), which are required to maintain your PMI certification and improve your project management skills.

How to Earn PDUs for PMI Certification Renewal

PMI requires that you obtain 60 PDUs every three years to keep your certification.  Let’s go down how you can get those credits:

How to Earn PDUs for PMI Certification Renewal

1. Education (Minimum 35 PDUs):

  • Formal Education (PDU Category A): Enrol in PMI-approved courses, and attend project management conferences or workshops. Most PMI chapters host frequent events that award PDUs.
  • Self-Directed Learning (PDU Category B): Study project management books, articles, and white papers. You can earn one PDU for every hour spent reading.
  • Online or in-person training (PDU Category A or B): enrol in project management-related courses, webinars, or video tutorials. Many training providers provide PDU-approved content.

2. Giving Back to the Profession (Minimum of 8 PDUs but Max of 25 PDUs):

  • Volunteer Work (PDU Category E): Offer your project management experience to PMI chapters, non-profit organisations, or industry events.
  • Mentoring or Coaching (PDU Category E): Pass on your knowledge by mentoring junior project managers or coaching colleagues.
  • Developing or Presenting Content (PDU Category D): Write articles, blog entries, or white papers about project management subjects. Present at conferences or webinars.

3. Organisational Meetings, Networks, and Events (Limited to 1-2 PDUs):

Attending project management-related meetings and events can help professionals earn Professional Development Units (PDUs). This encompasses both the formal parts of such gatherings, such as workshops and seminars, and the casual possibilities they provide, such as networking events.

These interactions and learning experiences help project managers continue their professional development by allowing them to stay current in their sector while earning the credits they need to keep their certifications.

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

How to Earn PDUs for PMI Certification Renewal

Essential PMP Certification Preparation Tools

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s go over some frequently asked questions from working professionals about how to earn PDUs for PMI certification renewal. 

1: Are there any free ways to earn PDUs?

Absolutely! PMI chapters and third-party organisations host a variety of free webinars and volunteer opportunities. Check the websites of local PMI chapters or organisations like ProjectManagement.com, which often host events eligible for PDUs

2. How do I report my PDUs?

PDUs can be reported through the CCRS (Continuing Certification Requirements System) section on the PMI website.

3. What happens if I don’t earn enough PDUs?

Failing to meet the PDU requirements within the renewal cycle can lead to the suspension of your certification.


We hope this blog has provided you with insights and practical strategies to help you manage the PDU earning process for your PMI certification renewal. 

Remember that the goal is not merely to renew your certification but to advance and enrich your professional career. 

Enquire now, and let’s start the journey of continual learning and professional development together. 

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